About The Half Cookie



The Half Cookie is not your average cookie company. When Danielle decided to take her passion for baking into a full-time business she knew her cookies had to be one of a kind. She and her team aim to bake flavors that look so delicious you have to snap a picture and taste so good you can’t wait to tell your friends about. They constantly update the menu and aim to have a flavor for every mood. Danielle prides herself on not mass producing the cookies, but instead keeping them hand rolled in small batches. She purposefully keeps the ingredient list low, focusing on natural and premium ingredients in their signature doughs and customers can taste the difference. Whether they’re stuffing cake inside a cookie or offering up a half pound cookie with a donut inside- their goal is to keep the customers excited and anticipating new flavors. The Half Cookie prides themselves on what they do and are proud to be a local Boston company creating cookies like Boston has never seen before.